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Below are a sampling of articles by Knighton. Discover his take on squid-flavoured chips, the neurotic psychology behind perfume, the fact airplanes have windshield wipers, and – most pressing of all –the dangers of Utah.

Seeing The World Through My Wife's Eyes
     – The New York Times, Modern Love column

An Interview Between Ryan and Jim Knipfel
     – The Believer

On the Virtue of Letting Go
     – Hello! Magazine

An Eye on Your Food
     – Waitrose Magazine, UK

Tired of the alphabet? Click the links below to watch some TV about Knighton. Cameos include Billy Bragg, Don McKellar, and some kid sneaking out of class. You may wonder why Knighton has a pink Jim Cummins painting on his office wall. Truth is, he doesn't know it's there.

Watch Bravo's "Artist of the Week" Profile

Watch the trailer for As Slow as Possible


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