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"Talent shines on every page of this feisty, bittersweet memoir."   -ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, Grade: A

Published: 2006
ISBN: 1-58648-329-3
Pages: 304

Public Affairs Books- US edition
Penguin Books- Canadian edition
Atlantic Books- UK edition

Cockeyed- A Memoir

An original coming-of-age story, Cockeyed lights a new path into what we can know about our world through unseeing eyes. At once penetrating and hysterical, this memoir about Ryan Knighton's slow descent into blindness ricochets between black comedy and moving tragedy, providing a rich look into our bodies, our senses, our language, our culture and our fantasies and fears. Among other surprises, Knighton's failing eyesight takes him through warehouse hazings, punk rock nihilism, Korean ESL blues, an island for the blind, a Polish salt mine honeymoon, and the ideal IKEA. Readers will find it hard to put down this wild ride around the world with a wicked blind guide at the wheel.

Cockeyed was shortlisted for both the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour and the Evergreen Prize. Cockeyed is also in development as a motion picture with Jodie Foster directing Knighton's screenplay.


"He [is] blessed with a love of words and a scrupulous honesty. This book is a rigorous self-examination by a man undergoing a reluctant transformation, written by someone who knows how to tell a story. It is as honest an account of modern life, with all its joys and tragedy, humour, foibles and insights, as you are likely to find."

"The book is a way to see life through another lens, an invitation to take a journey that no reader should refuse."   -PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, starred review

"So many memoirs have been published in recent years that distinguishing among them has become as much of a challenge as reading them. Happily, Ryan Knighton's autobiography will not be confused with any neighbors in nonfiction. Cockeyed provides an unexpectedly wry view of a life that twisted into the extraordinary."   -THE BOSTON GLOBE

"Ryan Knighton's account of his growing disability is exceptional. By his own admission, Cockeyed gleefully plays up the slapstick of his situation but it's still an eye-opening account, so to speak."   -GQ

"This is what it's like to grow up, screw up your job, crash Dad's car, pick up the wrong chick at a punk bar, and strain your love life to the limit. But this time, there's a good excuse -- you can't see. No seriously, dude. You're blind."
-Don McKellar, Director/Screenwriter

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