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"Ryan Knighton can't see, true. But his capacity to look inward, to create a landscape of what it is to be
a blind parent, is nothing short of profound. He's also hilarious, and I'm warning you, you're going to cry, too.
C'mon Papa is a memoir like no other, about a life like no other."
-Alicia Erian, author of
c'mon papa

NOW Magazine
Susan G. Cole

Ryan Knighton’s 2006 memoir, Cockeyed, made a major splash, mainly because of the fearless and irreverent way he told his story about slowly going blind. Now, having become a father, he tells all about it in his new book, C’mon Papa: Dispatches From A Dad In The Dark. Knighton writes with rare insight and humour about a common experience from an uncommon perspective. This is excellent new work by one of Canada’s unique voices.

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